Fundraising can be defined as the act of raising money (funds) for a specific purpose. This process is conducted by a person in need of the money (dugnadseksperten). An event or a gathering can be made in the process of raising the funds. Fundraising is conducted by a representative who receives the money from the people donating. Fundraising can be done for many factors ranging from good causes to other causes for the function. It can be done in a variety of methods to hit the goal of the amount of money required. In most cases, it’s conducted for the purpose of aiding in paying hospital bills, raising funds for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

The act of raising the funds can be done in many ways. A person raising the funds can do it informally, or in a formal way. A person using the formal way can write invitation cards and send them to the intended people to attend the fundraising. He/she can also make publications in the newspapers or websites to invite people to the activity. On the other hand, a person using the informal method can also take an action in inviting people to fundraise. He can use a word of mouth method to communicate about the fundraising. The word of mouth may spread faster than the use of the invitation cards which will also have to cost some money in producing the cards.

For a successful fundraising activity, there should be some things to consider. The person raising the funds should have a target and
should make sure that he/she has a great interaction with the people to invite in the ceremony. Good communication and necessary plans should be put into consideration too. There are some instances where the person invited in the ceremony is too much held up to attend the ceremony. Therefore, the fundraising organizers should make sure that there is a proper mode of communication for the unavailable persons to make pledges, or else send their donations. Another consideration should be about including the reason for the fundraising ( Any fundraising is done after a specific reason. In the invitations process, the person inviting others for fundraising should include this reason for the fundraising. He should explain it in a way that the invited person will understand and assess whether to attend the function and what to contribute to the function.

Although fundraising is very important in solving a financial problem towards something causing outsourcing of money, they are very tricky to conduct ( In an act of raising the funds, it is through a person’s willingness to contribute to the activity. It is done through donations, pledges and to some points, there is a given amount of contribution that a person can be assigned to contribute. The fundraising process is made to aid the persons doing a specific task and have no enough funds to conduct the activity. There is another type of fundraising that requires a large amount of money and the involved would like to source the funds from even global assistance. For this case, there are websites that are mainly used for doing the fundraising functions where a person can get help from even strangers
across the globe!